Lark Electric Company was founded in 1963 as a partnership between Dan Fulkerson and Walter Newcom with one goal in mind, to provide exceptional service at an exceptional rate. After a few years, the partnership was dissolved, and the stocks were purchased by Dan Fulkerson and son’s Michael Fulkerson, Richard Fulkerson, and an investor Dick Murphy. Dick Murphy’s stock was later purchased by Michael Fulkerson and the company became Lark Electric Company Incorporated a few years after.


As Lark Electric Company, Inc grew, the father and son’s operation found quick success. The company opened a lighting fixture show room, and an insulation company. They quickly grew to over twenty-six employees which made business hard to conduct in their first office located on West 7th Street in Owensboro, Kentucky. Lark Electric Company, Inc set out to find a larger office and purchased multiple buildings, which encompassed almost an entire city block on West 2nd Street. Still experiencing tremendous growth, the company moved to a large office located on West 3rd Street. The family members involved were Father Dan Fulkerson, and sons Richard Fulkerson, Michael Fulkerson, Danny Fulkerson, and Mark Fulkerson.


In October of 2020, Lark Electric Company, Inc was purchased by Ross Hyland who dissolved the company and reopened it as Lark Electric, LLC. Today, Lark Electric, LLC is one of the leading residential, commercial, and institutional electric companies, serving customers in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. They specialize in design build, plan spec and low voltage construction. Due to tremendous growth, Ross Hyland relocated the company to a large operations facility located at 215 East 18th Street in Owensboro, Ky. This move has allowed Lark Electric to provide more services and create more opportunity for growth.


Lark Electric, LLC holds dear to its roots even after fifty years with the founding principal that exceptional service at an exceptional rate will get you far. Lark holds the three C’s as top priority, Capability, Cost, Communication. With Lark’s size comes great capability. They can perform jobs of all shapes and sizes due to their manpower and vast array of small and heavy equipment. Cost is valued heavily, they make sure to stay on time, and within budget for every job. Communication is one of the most important values to Lark Electric. They provide project managers to answer all customer questions, schedule times and deal with changes that arise.

Over 57 years of service

Experienced & fully trained project managers

Fully Trained & licensed electrical contractor

Qualified and licensed electricians