Lark Electric expanding into Lexington

By Keith Lawrence Messenger-Inquirer
August 10, 2021

Ross Hyland was 23 when he launched his first business in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.
His Hyland Enterprises, an excavation company that also does electrical work, cable construction and drain systems, opened in March 2020.
In October, Hyland bought Lark Electric, 901 W. Third St., a company that was started in 1963 by Daniel Fulkerson.

Hyland is now expanding into the Lexington market and beyond.
“It’s been a whirlwind,” Hyland said Monday about the past year. “The move into Lexington wasn’t intended, but we saw an opportunity.”
His Lexington staff is working out of a trailer today, but Hyland will be in Lexington on Wednesday scouting for a permanent location.
“I want to get a building up there as soon as I can,” he said.
The intent is to do long-term projects in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Frankfort and Elizabethtown from the Lexington office, Hyland said.
“We just landed one long-term project up there that should last until February,” he said. “And we’re bidding on other projects up there.”

The company has also branched out into audio-visual systems, security cameras, fire alarms and door access security systems.
“We’re trying to notice trends in the industry and respond to them,” Hyland said. “We’ve been extremely fortunate with our customers. And this isn’t a one-man show. None of it would be possible without our great employees.”
Last year, when he bought Lark Electric, Hyland said, “I always wanted to own an electric company. I heard that Mike and Mark Fulkerson might be thinking about selling, and I went by and talked to them. They were wanting to retire, and I was able to buy the company.
“The Lord is being very gracious to me.”
Hyland has been preparing for years for the work he’s doing now.
“I’ve always been good with my hands,” he said. “Electricity and heavy machinery have always fascinated me.
“I worked for a local electrician when I was a freshman in college. Then, I transferred to UK and worked for a large electrical company in Lexington. I learned a lot about the business side there.”
That early experience is coming into good use as his company continues to grow, he said.

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